Our Story

Euro Suits Mfg. Co Pvt Ltd, has started with an aim to be one of the leading high fashion, multi-category garment manufacturing and exporting business in India that provides one-stop solutions to retailers and brand owners and uniforms companies with uncompromising prices and quality assured products in various genres such as youth, smart trend, and classic. along with the uniforms for various industries including protective workwear.

For 35 years we have exported more than 65 million prime quality garments such as trousers, suits, and uniforms, to the UK and Western Europe.

Our Process

We bring fashion and innovation together

We plan to make our processes more cost and time-efficient through Euro Suits Mfg Co. Pvt Ltd -Bangalore – Karnataka -India.

Our talented pool of designers and product developers has vast experience. They have an eye for commercial trends and products. Ability to develop mood-board based on Brand DNA. Have good long relationship with most of the known mills can counter develop any fabric and product and can further enhance it with value additions or can submit it along with updated variations.

Environmentally conscious
Work ethic
Team work
Customer focus
Euro Trousers

Mission Statement

To be a leader in the industry of fashion manufacturing and setting the high standard for the rest of the industry to follow in quality, reliability and social compliances. One of our goals to set up a state of art in house design studio along with a fully accredited laboratory for Fabric /
Accessories and Garment testing.

To lay the foundation for creativity center, where an opportunity will be given to upcoming new creative passionate beginners and thus lay the base for future India to achieve the status of FASHIONCAPITAL of the world.

To take care of our employees and give abundant opportunities to further enhance their knowledge and skill. Making them proud and sustainable by encouraging them to play a contributory role for their self-growth.

To provide a complete one stop solution from fiber to fashion to our Customers. To be one of the best Suits Manufacturing Company in the world.

Euro Trousers

Core values

We strongly believe our strength is equal to our employee’s team talent and dedication. Our Assets are our employees and our customer Trust. We take care of customer interest as if they were our own.

Our Responsibilities do not cease with the delivery of the quality good on time but it grows further as our customer trust goes up with time and with every delivery.

Responsible Organization, Transparency along with promoting ethical and fair employment standards are our most basic values.

Design & PD
Trend Analysis, R & D Product
Seasonal Collections
Presentations, Fabric & Garment
Embellishments etc.
Preproduction & production overseeing
Sewing etc.
Quality control

And packaging


Warehousing & shipping


Invoices & inventory

Our Vision

To serve most of the Global Retailers and Premium Brands.

To provide customers one-stop solutions for the major lifestyle categories for men, women– kids.

To provide customers total transparency on the progress and the quality of their orders, in real-time through our comprehensive ERP system.

To be a leader in the industry of fashion manufacturing and setting the high standard in quality, reliability and social compliances.

To be the flag bearer of the fair and ethical manufacturing and trading practice in the manufacturing industry.

We believe sustainability has many faces and one of them is growth. We want our employees to be sustainable, which means we must provide a platform for them to enrich their skills continuously. This will further cement our policy of 100% customer satisfaction by ensuring assured quality of products and services on time.

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